Planning a Wedding? Here are the top 6 reasons to elope

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1. Little to No Stress

The only thing you need to worry about is picking out your wedding dress and shoes. Everything else (the flowers, ceremony location, cake, music, dinner, photos, decorations, your hair and makeup, etc.) is handled by your highly experienced wedding planner. Your wedding planner will hold your hand through the entire process and layout your choices in a simple, organized fashion. And you usually have the option to customize your wedding as well.

You will have so little stress before your wedding that you will have to lie to your friends about how stressed you are.

2. Breathtaking Photos

Imagine the sunset backdrop of your wedding in: Fiji, Tahiti, the Caribbean, or Europe. The best part of eloping is the freedom to spend as much time as you want driving around to various stunning locations- whether they are historical or tropical, and taking the photos that you will remember for a lifetime.

If your wedding is on an island, trash your dress and take some underwater photos.

3. No Family Drama

With divorce rates in the US between 38%-40%, it is likely that you will need to figure out how to separate your parents (and your fiance’s parents) so that they physically can’t see each other at the wedding. And don’t forget about that drunk uncle and likely-to-be-high cousin while you are delicately sifting through the complex relationships of your family when planning your seating arrangements.

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4. Save Your Money

Aren’t financial troubles one of the top reasons for divorce? Why not start your marriage on the right foot- out of debt and with some savings in the bank. If you plan you’re trip right, you can have your wedding and honeymoon under $10K.

Instead of spending $20,000 on an elaborate wedding, why not put that money towards the down payment of your house?

5. Jump Right Into Your Honeymoon

Too many people miss out on having their honeymoon because they either 1. don’t have money left over after their exuberant wedding or 2. have difficulty getting time off of work for their wedding and their honeymoon. Eloping is an affordable and easy way to do both.

Get married and wake up the next morning on your villa over the water.

6. It’s Just About The Two Of You

Sure, you and your fiance can bond together through the stress and trials of planning a wedding with your friends and family…or you can bond together while drinking cocktails and taking naps during all the extra free time that you both have because you’re not planning a wedding.

The best way to guarantee that your wedding is just about the two of you is to have the wedding be just the two of you.

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