6 Tricks to Nailing Your Job Interview That No One Ever Taught You

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

1. Your Appearance-Buy A Pair Of Fake Glasses

You already know that you need to dress for success (get your suit dry cleaned, polish your shoes and comb your hair). But, if you want to give yourself a quick boost of self confidence and look like an intellectual, go ahead and upgrade your outfit with some thick-framed or wired glasses (whatever gives you the more ‘I’m an authority on this topic’ look). Only you will know those glasses are, well, glass. And besides, it will even give you something to fiddle with during the interview if you’re nervous.

2. Your Resume- Stalk LinkedIn For People With Similar Jobs

Don’t be ripped off by paying someone else to write your resume. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel either. LinkedIn has enough resumes on their site that can give you inspiration. Search for people who have similar jobs to the one that you want to pursue and just pick and choose the best parts of their resumes to help tailor yours.

3. Do Your Homework- Research Your Boss

You know that you need to research the company that you are applying for, but what about your boss? Does (s)he have any interviews posted on the web? Does (s)he have any social media pages? What did (s)he talk about or post? What key points did (s)he seem to repeat? Take note of these and use them as conversational pieces during your interview.

4. Prepare-Give Your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn An Overhaul

Delete it. Delete all of it. Someone from the company that you are applying to will look up your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn account. This isn’t about hiding all the terrible things you’ve posted over the years (well, a little bit). It’s more about putting your best foot forward. So, why not talk about all the volunteering your doing (or mean to do, and will totally get around to doing), take down your slutty bathroom shot and put up the most professional picture you have, and don’t forget to post about the latest Forbes article.

5. Look Around- Get The Vibe Of The Office Before Your Interview

Get yourself in the right mental state before the interview. As you walk by different rooms, take note of the vibe in the office. Is it a serious place with everyone plugging away at their work? Is it fun and relaxed? Dead quiet? Or are people talking over their cubicles to each other? If you want to be part of their team, you’re going to want to make sure you can fit in.

6. The Interview- Find A Conversation Piece

You’ve memorized all your talking points and rehearsed the answers to all the frequently asked interview questions- now that your big time has come, take the time to look around the office. Is there a picture of your interviewer’s family? A sports paperweight? A picture of a unicorn? It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that you disarm your interviewer by giving them an opportunity to talk about one of their interests. Because, let’s be honest, everyone loves to talk about themselves.



Your potential future boss is going to to notice if you drive up in a car that looks like it just came out of the Dust Bowl. Much like an unkempt appearance, a dirty car can be a sign of laziness and apathy.

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