A Real Lady Drinks Whiskey

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A Romantic (Dark) Comedy

The girls from The Tardigrades continue to laugh, survive, and thrive while navigating the underbelly of San Francisco in A Real Lady Drinks Whiskey.

Lacey is an introvert, but a depraved, thrill-seeking extrovert when she drinks whiskey.

And when she is bored.

And she is bored and drinks a lot.

After a devastating breakup from an on-again off-again relationship, Lacey finds solace in her new like-minded roommates.

Drowning in her unrequited love and chained to a mountain of college debt, Lacey discovers nothing distracts her from her heartbreak better than increasingly inventive ploys while bored at work and booze-fueled girls’ nights out. Lacey’s diversion schemes incite and inspire her fellow 20-something degenerates to respond to life’s mundane routines and trials a little more… creatively. And maybe, just maybe, Lacey can use that creativity to re-trap the one who got away.

Refuse to bend a knee to the societal impulses of what a lady is expected to be.

*Work In Progress*