About Me

I could describe myself, but I hear others are like a mirror into your soul. So, here is some feedback I’ve gotten about me from others:

You are the smartest dumb person I have ever met.” -Friend

“She has the smile of an angel, but the eyes of the devil.” -The only entry found in my baby journal

“You are the best writer in this class!” -Community College English Teacher

“Sure, you think you’re terrible, but you think everyone else is much worse.”                     –Colleague

…want more?

Under the section “celebrities with this type of Myers-Briggs personality type,” my profile only lists fictional villains.

No one has ever written me a love song, but while at a concert, I inspired an ex to belt out a song entitled: Jen Must Die– and it was awesome.

On my wedding day, on a beach in the Bahamas, someone yelled “Don’t do it!” from their hotel balcony as I walked down the isle- it was a perfect ceremony.

…you really want to know?

A rolling stone who loathes the mundane and keeps the company of anyone who sees the world differently. Humor is the spice of life. An earthy drifter who married Ron Swanson’s doppelganger – a brilliant, stoic, kind man who doesn’t have a social media account…but he doesn’t need one for me to follow him anywhere.